WOWK Meteorologist: ‘I’m Broadcasting From a Boat!’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Working from home looks different for everyone, as we’ve found out in the past few weeks.

But WOWK meteorologist Bryan Hughes‘ setup outside Huntington, W.Va., blew our mind.

He lives— wait for it— on a boat! Yes, it’s his permanent residence and since the COVID-19 crisis sent his newsroom home, Hughes has converted his boat to a newsroom.


“It’s fun! Everyone says to me, ‘I want to live like that!’ And I’ve gotta tell you, it’s like a dream come true,” Hughes said.

The morning weather anchor has posted various pictures of his setup from inside his water home.

“This is where I live full time. The boat was originally built back the the ’30s. I have purchased it and am remodeling it to bring it up to current standards,” he said.

As for what he’s using to broadcast? He shared his tips with TVSpy:

1. iPad for LiveU.
2. iPad mini for return video via Skype with less than a quarter-second delay.
3. Another iPhone for IFB.
4. Laptop with an additional monitor using Splashtop to run Baron Weather Lynx graphics.