KTVU Reporter Testifies in SF News Crew Assault Case

By Mark Joyella 

Cara Liu, a reporter at Fox-owned KTVU in San Francisco, testified Monday in the case of a man accused of robbery and assault–all of which played out during a KTVU liveshot.

Liu was on-air when she saw a man pistol-whip KNTV photographer Alan Waples and steal his gear.

The San Mateo Daily Journal reports:


She was standing in front of a news camera preparing to give a live report when she heard screaming and saw a commotion off to the side.

Liu said she was standing about a van’s distance from the commotion and tried to communicate to the live anchor that there was a commotion.

She said she ducked for cover behind the van and saw a man standing next to a black BMW sedan in the street. The man had what she believed to be a handgun extended and was pointing it in the direction of one of the news crews.