KRGV Reporter Says He’s Innocent in Hit-and Run Case

By Kevin Eck 

KRGV reporter Kirk Chaisson has released a statement saying he’s innocent of hit-and-run charges.

Chaisson was arrested last week after a crash where he allegedly hit another vehicle while leaving a restaurant parking lot. Police say he then drove to the Burger King next door where he says he left his car for them to find.

The Weslaco, Texas, ABC affiliate reports Chaisson failed to yield the right of way on his way out of the parking lot and the other car hit him.


“It must be remembered that the complaints against me are unproven allegations and that I am considered innocent until proven guilty,” Chaisson said in a statement sent to The Monitor on Saturday.

[Police spokesman Bernie] Garza said a couple inside the other vehicle suffered minor injuries while Chaisson claimed to have a concussion. Garza added that witnesses saw Chaisson speak to the victims in the other vehicle before walking away and disappearing, leaving behind his vehicle along with identifying information.

“After I was hit, I got out to check on the passengers of the other vehicle. They assured me they were fine,” Chaisson wrote. “As I sought treatment for a concussion, I left my car at the scene, knowing full well that police would determine it was mine and then find me in short order.”

He ended the statement by saying he will have no further comments on the matter, but his lawyer will speak on his behalf in the future.

Chaisson’s bond was set at $10,000 personal recognizance Friday.

Chaisson was arrested in August 2014 for having marijuana and drug paraphernalia.