KCCI Responds to Posting WOI Story on its Website

By Kevin Eck 

Hearst-owned Des Moines CBS affiliate KCCI is responding after posting a competitors story on its website with branding from its Hearst sister station in Omaha.

We erred in linking from KCCI.com to a video posted to our sister station’s site, KETV.com, and which KETV had picked up from the commonly used CNN video-sharing service. Through internal discussions KCCI news management learned of the error within a couple of hours and removed the clip. We’re working to best ensure this type of thing doesn’t happen again.

The story from Nexstar-owned Des Moines ABC affiliate WOI was about a woman teaching new parents how to handle guns around their babies. The story was picked up by CNN, which put it on its Newssource feed. KETV ran it on-air. KCCI then posted the story to its website.


The story was taken down shortly after TVSpy asked the station about it.

KCCI is, at the very least, guilty of bad branding since WOI reporter Nikki Davidson was in the still used to promote the story on its website. That’s her in the purple dress in the screengrab below. She also appeared in the video.

KCCI.com Nikki Story