Indianapolis Anchor Goes Public With Skin Cancer Battle

By Kevin Eck 

WXIN anchor Zach Myers posted pictures of what his face looked like after having skin cancer removed.

“I hope sharing this information will impress upon others the importance of using sunscreen, wearing hats, and avoiding sunburns, especially parents who have kids playing outside a lot,” said Myers.

The Indianapolis anchor said he saw some red spots on his skin and went to a doctor when they wouldn’t go away. He was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on his nose and back. When a topical cream didn’t kill the cells, he had surgery.


Last month, a surgeon removed two spots on his back, and on Monday, they surgically removed the cancer from his nose. Zach says the surgeon basically dug a hole out of the side of his nose, and then he removed a small flap of skin from Zach’s cheek to cover up the hole.

Zach says the doctors now believe the cancer is gone for good.