Hurricane Irene Poll Results: ‘Anytime Something Happens in New York People Always Go Overboard’

By Merrill Knox 

The results from our Hurricane Irene coverage poll are in, and so far voters — more than 45 percent of you — think that, yes, stations used the threat of the storm to hype coverage and draw ratings. Here’s the current breakdown of the answers to our “Was Hurricane Irene Overhyped?” question:

  • 46.13%: “Absolutely. Stations used the threat of the storm to draw viewers.”
  • 27.83%: “No one knew exactly how bad Irene would be so stations had to prepare viewers for the worst.”
  • 22.92%: “The raw amount of coverage was warranted but many stations went over-the-top with dramatic live shots, foreboding graphics, etc.”

There were some notable dissenters to the majority in the “Other” section, including one voter who pointed out, “19 people dead so far. How many deaths does it take to end this argument?” (The total number of Irene-related deaths has risen to 35, according to the AP.) And in an echo of a familiar trend from last week’s earthquake, one voter wrote in: “Anytime something happens in New York people go overboard.”


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