Houston Fox Station Airs Fake Billy Joel Song Written by Podcasters

By Kevin Eck 

Houston Fox-owned station KRIV aired Billy Joel’s new song Turn The Lights Back On last Thursday, before Joel played the real version on The Grammys on Sunday.

Unfortunately for KRIV, the song they played was written and performed by a group of podcasters and enhanced by AI and not by Joel himself.

“Last week @scharpling wrote lyrics for the new Billy Joel song live on The Best Show and we used a Billy Joel AI for the vocals and Fox 26 Houston was nice enough to cover it on the nightly news,” they wrote on social media.


“That is the funniest thing I’ve been a part of, witnessed, or heard about,” said show host Tom Scharpling. “Billy Joel took 17 years to write that song and we took an hour.”

Click here to listen to how the fake song was made at around the 11 minute mark.