Hal Eisner Celebrates 40 Years On Air in LA

By Kevin Eck 

Longtime KTTV reporter Hal Eisner marked 40 years on TV in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Eisner joined KTTV after working as a correspondent for CNN attached to their L.A. bureau in early ’80s. He later moved to KCOP when it was owned by Chris-Craft and returned to KTTV when Fox bought the station and merged it with KTTV in 2001.

“KTTV and KCOP have been my two primary work-homes and I’m grateful,” Eisner told TVSpy. I mentioned on the air the other night, when I first came to L.A. Jan. 2, 1982, there were so many amazing broadcast journalists here in L.A. I didn’t think I’d last two weeks. It’s now 40 years later! Onward and upward!”


In March, Eisner along with photographer Joab Perez and four others were hit by a drunk driver. The two were working on a story for the station when they were hit.