Gun Used in Suspected Murder Found on WCCO Roof

By Kevin Eck 

Minneapolis CBS owned station WCCO played an unwitting part in a murder in a nearby apartment.

One man died and another is in custody after a shooting in an apartment next door to WCCO Sunday night.

Police went to the station after a report that the handgun used in the shooting had landed on the station’s roof—after it had been tossed down from the apartment’s balcony.


Reporter Jonah Kaplan tweeted about it, saying “This is a first—@MinneapolisPD on @WCCO’s rooftop after someone (gunman?) tosses pistol from neighboring apartment building,” he said. “More officers are looking down at us from a high floor balcony. For better or worse we literally await details w/o having to call a PIO.”

He also said everyone at the station was safe and added, “the gun does appear to have blood on the pistol’s slide. It’s kind of weird to listen to scanner traffic talk about us—and hear officers talk back from our very rooftop.”