Fox Weather Reporter Saves Woman From Flooded Car

By Kevin Eck 

A Fox Weather crew covering the flash flooding in Dallas, Monday morning, saved a local driver who was trapped in her car.

When Stephanie Carroll’s car got stuck in the water, reporter Robert Ray saw what was happening and sprang into action. Ray was getting ready for his live shot at the time.

“She literally, as I was standing here setting up for the shot, guys, pulled in and didn’t realize it,” Ray said. “The next thing you know, her car was floating. So, I went out there and tried to push her vehicle as best I could.”


When he realized pushing the car out of the water wasn’t going to work, he pulled her out through the window.

“I thought I was going to die,” Carroll said. “Right then I started panicking. I just wanted to get out of my car. I wanted to tell him, thank you. He’s awesome, a blessing from God, actually.”

Dallas has received more than eight inches of rain by Monday morning, with more expected throughout the day.