Fort Myers Station Says it Put an End to Juvenile Escape Attempt

By Kevin Eck 

Fort Myers CBS affiliate WINK told viewers last night it was reason police recaptured two juveniles who had escaped from a Fort Myers correctional facility.

WINK was at a Salvation Army, along with police, looking for the escapees. WINK reporter Bob Irzyk said he and station photographer Justin Potter saw one of the kids walk by and then alerted police who took the kid into custody.

Then, about an hour and a half later, Irzyk said he saw the second kid near the area where they saw the first kid. Irzyk called the cops again and the escape attempt was over.

Fort Myers police told TVSpy, while they’re happy WINK helped out as any good citizen might, they’re not so sure WINK was the sole reason they arrested the first suspect since they were in the area at the time and also had eyes on him.