WISH Anchor Dave Barras Hangs Out with a Bunch of Snakes; Is Totally Calm

By Aneya Fernando 

Dave Barras, a longtime anchor at Indianapolis CW affiliate WISH, is seriously calm under pressure. At least, that’s what I took away from his visit with animal expert Larry Battson, who brought a variety of snakes to play with.

On yesterday’s “24-Hour News 8 at Noon” show, Barras sat calmly as Battson kept putting bigger and bigger snakes in his lap. He giggled as he held and pet the snakes (who pets snakes?), yet he managed to keep the interview going. Barras told WISH that the small Burmese python made him most fearful. It doesn’t show!


Check out the video above to see how Barras handles himself when he’s covered in snakes.