Former WBNS Reporter Writes Book on Presidential Elections

By Mark Joyella 

Jim Heath, a former reporter and political analyst at Columbus, Ohio CBS affiliate WBNS, has written a timely book on presidential politics. Front Seat at the Circus: One Journalist’s Journey Through Two Presidential Elections was released December 1.

Steve Scully, political editor for C-SPAN, said in a review of the book “electing a president has turned into a political circus and nobody captures it better than Jim Heath.”

Heath covered politics in two key states–Ohio and South Carolina–and interviewed just about every major candidate in the last two presidential elections, including Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.


Heath, who was an anchor in Myrtle Beach before arriving at WBNS, waited for a career break to focus on writing. “When my contract was up in Columbus, I decided to take a year off and do the book,” he told My Horry News. “I went back to Arizona with my mom, took six months to write and three months to edit and get it ready for publication.”