Former Minnesota Reporter Says He Suffered Anxiety While On-Air

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

A former Minnesota anchor and reporter says for years he battled anxiety while reporting the news.

Former KEYC and KARE reporter Bryan Piatt took a job out of college at KEYC in the Austin-Rochester, Minn. market.

On-screen he appeared confident and put together but he says what was going on inside was a different story. He suffered panic attacks, anxiety and compulsions.


Last year, he stepped down from news at KARE in Minneapolis, Minn. to pay more attention to his mental health. At the time, the station did a piece on his OCD diagnosis.

“It’s been a huge piece in my recovery and my journey,” Piatt said in an interview with KEYC this week. “I think my message is to people I think is that it’s okay to struggle. If this whole thing of opening up has taught me one thing it is that there are a lot of people out there struggling with a lot things mental health or not and so many of us feel like we’re the only ones feeling like there’s something wrong with you and that is just not the case.”

He has returned to Minnesota to speak out about his journey to recovery and will participate in an event this week.

You can watch his full story here.