Former Local Reporter is Angry He’s the Face of Parody Twitter Account

By Kevin Eck 

Former WDEF reporter James Mahon is not happy that a parody twitter account mocking journalism is using his picture as its avatar.

“I have no idea who this is and am outraged that someone has done this,” Mahon told the Observer.

The twitter account, Guy at your J-School mocks journalists who make themselves the center of every story and uses a picture of Mahon, who is now a lecturer at the University of West Scotland, doing a standup at a murder trial of two boys in Tennessee.


“I think its disrespectful to the victims, the five and three-year-old boy,” Mahon told Reel Media Group. “To take that picture of me covering that trial from years ago and to just put it onto an account talking about farting and making inappropriate remarks for this pathetic very low level college humor is very disrespectful.”

He says he’s asked Twitter multiple times to take the picture down, but they haven’t responded. He said he hopes the individual responsible for using his picture takes it down, and hopes they choose wisely when they replace it.