Former KXAS Reporter Grant Stinchfield Running for U.S. Congressional Seat

By Merrill Knox 

Former KXAS reporter Grant Stinchfield, who left the Dallas NBC O&O in April after seven years with the station, is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Stinchfield, a Republican,  has not yet announced which seat he will run for.

Stinchfield has a campaign website up and has already produced a political ad (video above). “After two decades of covering politics, I became well aware you can’t change career politicians or the bureaucrats who work for them, but you can expose them,” Stinchfield writes on his website. “By serving in Congress, my battle plan is to give the power of information directly to the people.”


In an letter to prospective donors obtained by Uncle Barky’s Bytes, Stinchfield sets the goal of raising $150,000 by Labor Day in “order to be taken seriously as a candidate” against an “entrenched opponent.” Stinchfield and his wife Amy Vanderoef — who is a morning anchor on WFAA — live in the Texas 32nd district, which is currently represented by Rep. Pete Sessions (R). Stinchfield denied he is running against Sessions. The website lists his opponent as Rep. Kenny Marchant, a Republican in the 24th congressional district of Texas.