WCAU Teams Up With foursquare, Offering Reporters a New Platform for Delivering Information

By Merrill Knox 

WCAU, the NBC owned-and-operated station in Philadelphia, has partnered with social media company foursquare to provide reporters with another platform for delivering real-time information as they cover a story.

“Local news is truly driven by location and the act of checking-in further connects our audience to the news we deliver each day,” WCAU vice president of news Chris Blackman said in a statement. “Our foursquare partnership enables us to engage viewers across the Delaware Valley with real-time news updates on the most talked about and important local stories and to enhance the feedback and perspective we get from them.”

WCAU will select one story each day and assign a reporter to check-in using foursquare when they arrive at their field location. The reporter will use the technology to provide multiple updates throughout the day. WCAU plans to experiment with further functionality, including featuring multiple news events on the foursquare platform, as the partnership goes on. Viewers will also have access to news tips at popular check-in locations and landmarks around Philadelphia.