Former Fox 5 NY Anchor: ‘I Felt a Sense of Panic’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Former Good Day Wake Up anchor Sukanya Krishnan isn’t saying why she left the New York station last week, but continues to communicate with viewers on social media saying she’s finding her way without television in her life.

“This Monday, I felt a sense of panic but then I had to realize that this is what it’s all about. Rebuilding, refocusing and reestablishing what is important and who I am truly meant to be. Has anyone been here before?”

Last Friday, Krishnan said she chose to leave her post as the morning anchor at WNYW. Her co-anchor, Jennifer Lahmers, had previously announced she was leaving for another opportunity with Extra.


Since then Krishnan, who was the morning anchor for almost two decades at WPIX in New York City before joining Fox 5, stepped down and has been posting a lot on Facebook about finding her life’s purpose.

“There’s a famous quote by Ray Bradbury about facing your writing fears. It goes like this: ‘You’ve got to jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down.’ We forget what it means to really jump off that cliff and take a risk. We forget the panic of no longer having the ground beneath our feet. We forget the focus and determination it takes to build wings in the midst of a free fall. We forget the pain of hitting the ground.”

It’s unclear who will replace both Krishnan and Lahmers.