Fire At Seattle Stations: KOMO-TV, KUNS-TV Suffer Damage

By Andrew Gauthier 

TVNewsday has news out of Seattle on a recent fire at a Fisher Communications building…
Thursday night, July 2, at approximately 11:10 p.m., an incident in a garage-level electrical room disrupted power to Fisher Communications Inc.’s Fisher Plaza East in Seattle and knocked out the facility’s backup generation system. The electrical room is where Fisher Plaza East receives its power from Seattle City Light.

KOMO-TV, KUNS-TV and Fisher’s Seattle radio properties (KOMO-AM, KPLZ-FM and KVI-AM) are based in the building. All of these stations continue to broadcast, except for KVI, which will resume service as soon as power is restored to Fisher Plaza East. The cause of the electrical fire remains under investigation, and the company is working closely with Seattle City Light and outside experts to determine what caused this incident. More…