ESPNer Marty Smith’s Pep Talk to WRBL Sports Reporter Goes Viral

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WRBL sports reporter Jack Patterson needed to shoot a post game standup after the LSU-Alabama game over the weekend when he messed up.

His camera was rolling when he let out a discouraging sigh.

Seconds later, he heard a voice from off camera telling him to keep going. It turned out to be ESPN reporter Marty Smith, who came over and gave Patterson a handshake, hug and some words of encouragement to the young reporter.


“The hardest part of your job is what you’re doing right now. The standup. If you’re live and you mess up, it’s whatever and you keep digging. With standups, you just want them to be perfect,” Smith said.

Patterson couldn’t believe what he was seeing and asked for a picture.

“I am a huge fan,” he said.

Patterson’s camera was rolling during the exchange. He posted the clip on social media and it’s received more than 2 million views. The Columbus, Ga. reporter has been on national TV and radio shows talking about his exchange with his role model.