D’oh! Look Out for Fake Crime Tips Featuring Simpsons Characters

By Kevin Eck 

home invasion simpsonsAustralian TV stations, along with some newspapers, are being trolled by fake news tips featuring characters from the animated series The Simpsons.

The phenomenon was started by Australian Simpsons-themed podcast Four Finger Discount, which shared images of the pranks on its Facebook page.

If you’re in the dark about how it works, it starts with the classic prankster set up. The troll asks if the newsroom would be interested in a video or still of a crime taking place. When the station or paper replies, they’re sent a scene from a Simpson’s episode.


“After posting our screenshot and urging others to try it out, a dull day at work suddenly became a lot more entertaining,” co-host Brendan Dando told the Daily Dot.

They recently posted the best trolls they didn’t share. Click here to view.

Funny or Die posted a bunch of screengrabs. Here’s one: