Atlanta Meteorologist Recovering From Heart Surgery

By Kevin Eck 

Glenn Burns, chief meteorologist for Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB, is recuperating at home after heart surgery.

Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Burns left the hospital today after having surgery last week. WSB says doctors replaced a leaky heart valve.

“I get a physical every year and I’ve had a clean bill of health,” Burns told WSB. “This last physical, the doctor was listening to my chest and he said, ‘I don’t like the sound of that.’ And I’m going, ‘Whoa, what do you mean? I’m in good shape and what is going on?’ He said, ‘Well, I want to do a couple of tests.’”


“The surgery was very routine,” said Dr. Edward Chen, who replaced Glenn’s faulty valve with a pig valve. “We expect him to be the same ole Mr. Burns, but actually have a better quality of life. A lot of times, symptoms that affect patients occur over a long period of time, so they gradually get used to them and attribute the symptoms to aging.”