Did Sacramento Reporter Just Bash Her Co-Workers on Twitter?

By Kevin Eck 

Tia Ewing is an anchor at Sacramento Fox affiliate KTXL who apparently didn’t like what newsroom peeps were saying about Sandra Bland’s death, so she tweeted what she thought about their opinions.

Ewing then dropped the people’s elbow by adding, “Where are real journalists?”

>UPDATE:Ewing tweeted TVSpy saying, “Appreciate the note, isn’t a jab at my coworkers. Just walked in my newsroom. It’s a common term, convo with other journos.” After we posted this, she restricted access to her twitter feed.


Bland was found hanging in her jail cell three days after what what’s being called a routine traffic stop in Prairie View, Texas. The Los Angeles Times reports Sheriff’s deputies there are saying her death was a suicide. Her family and community supporters don’t believe it.

According to her station bio, her nickname is Spicy.

If there was any doubt she was talking about journalists, she tweeted out her thoughts on how newsroom folks get hired.