Did a KTLA Meteorologist Accuse Governor Gavin Newsom of Taking Bribes?

By Kevin Eck 

Vera Jimenez, the evening meteorologist for KTLA, let her political flag fly after the Los Angeles Nexstar owned station did story about Governor Gavin Newsom banning artificial turf due to environmental and health concerns.

Newsom signed a bill into law that would allow cities and counties to ban the turf over so-called forever chemicals or PFAS chemicals that have been linked to health concerns including cancer.

This story was first reported by FTVLive. KTLA posted the report, along with the discussion afterwards on its website. Click here to watch. Check out the discussion at around 1:05 in the video.


TVSpy also did a quick check of tveyes to confirm and saw the anchors discussing why the bill was signed after Andy Riesmeyer reported the story from set.

Anchor Cher Calvin then asked “Why is that?” turned to Jimenez and said “I turn over here.”

Jimenez paused, then blurted out “It’s all about the money folks.” She then told viewers that following the money would lead to why the bill was signed and added, “If Newsom isn’t getting any he’s probably not for it.”

After the anchors laughed it off, Jimenez added “I’m so tired of him sometimes.”

We asked Nexstar about it. We’ll update if we get any response.