Diana Davis Retires from WSB After 32 Years

By Kevin Eck 

WSB reporter Diana Davis has retired from the Atlanta ABC affiliate after 32 years with the Atlanta ABC affiliate.

Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Davis left the station with no big farewell party or announcement.

“After 32 years at WSB TV I am retiring!” tweeted Davis. “[T]hanks to all who watched all these years.”


Davis started at WSB in 1983 after working at KTVI in St. Louis.

“We were sad to see her go,” WSB news director Mike Dreaden told the AJC. “But it’s also a great thing to have people build the biggest part of their career and success at WSB-TV and stay with it long enough to earn their retirement. This is a volatile, tough business and many people don’t make it through to the end. She can be proud that she did and that she leaves a record of excellent broadcast journalism and contributions to the success of this newsroom.”