Detroit Anchor Amy Andrews to Return After Taking Time Off For Depression

By Kevin Eck 

WJBK morning anchor Amy Andrews told viewers she is coming back to the station Friday after “suffering from severe depression and anxiety.”

On May 18, Andrews let viewers know on Twitter that she had been taking time off “to deal with some health issues.”

Andrews has worked at the Fox owned Detroit station since 2011. Yesterday, she revealed what those health issues were.


“Over the past several months, I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety,” she wrote on Twitter. “I finally had to take a step back and address it, so I could move forward. We never know what others are dealing with, so always try to be kind and don’t ever be ashamed to admit that you may need a little help. Thanks to Fox 2 for allowing me to make my mental health a priority.”

Former WJBK colleague ML Elrick tweeted in support, “My family travels this road. It is full of peaks and valleys. SO MANY families are pulling together to make it,” he wrote. “It is SO IMPORTANT for us all to understand that life is full of challenges others cannot see. THANK YOU for letting people know how much we have in common. LOVE YOU!!!”

In 2018, WJBK meteorologist Jessica Starr died of suicide following a difficult recovery from eye surgery.