Connecticut Anchor Had to Carry ‘Painful Secret’ About Her Mother’s Murder for Months

By Kevin Eck 

Vermont Police now say the death of Hartford, Conn., anchor Heidi Voight‘s mother last winter is now being investigated as a homicide.

Police initially believed Claudia M. Voight died in her home from a medical event on February 20, but later determined she died from neck compression that was only detectable during an autopsy.

Because of the delay in releasing the information, Voight, who anchors for NBC owned station WVIT, announced on Facebook that she had to carry the “painful secret” about her mother’s death for months in order to protect the investigation.


“My mother’s death was not natural, nor peaceful,” wrote Voight. “My mother was murdered, violently, in the place she should have felt safest – her own home in Windham, Vermont.”

“Claudia Voight was stolen from this world,” said Voight.”She was stolen from her family, from her children, and from my precious daughters who now ask me almost every day,’Why did Grandma go to Heaven?'”

“This has broken me and changed me,” she added. “But I am my mother’s daughter, and I will come back stronger. I will fight for her.”