Comedy Central Show Fools Local Stations With Fake Workout

By Kevin Eck 

Comedy Central’s Nathan for You showed how desperate local stations can get for content to feed the day-to-day news machine.

The show came up with the idea that people would pay to move furniture for a moving company, thinking it was the next big workout.

They hired a professional bodybuilder to act as a spokesperson and asked him to memorize a fake biography. Local stations bought the scheme and spokesperson Jack Garbarino had to sell the idea he had never stepped foot in a gym and got his muscles by moving furniture. He also had to lie and say he was a childhood friend of Steve Jobs and that he volunteered with jungle children. (He got his muscles by working out in the gym, he didn’t really know who Steve Jobs was, and there’s no such thing as jungle children)


Watch the later part of the video (about eight minutes in) and you wonder how Garbarino got away with the hoax.