WCBS Reporter Questions New York Mayor’s Transparency

By Kevin Eck 

WCBS reporter Marcia Kramer had to fly to Puerto Rico to get New York Mayor Bill De Blasio to finally answer her questions.

Yesterday in New York, Kramer tried to ask De Blasio some “off-topic” questions and went “toe-to-toe” with De Blasio’s Press Secretary about it. The reporter for the New York CBS-owned station pointed out De Blasio campaigned on transparency. But, according to her report, the mayor will only answer questions considered “on-topic.”

The New York Press Club issued a statement about it, saying in part, “Mayor de Blasio has established a policy of telling journalists what topic(s) he will discuss at a press conference. If a reporter tries to ask a question on another subject, he or she is brusquely told the question is “off topic,” and no answer is given.”

When Bill de Blasio was elected mayor of New York, he promised transparency within his administration. Unfortunately, that transparency has been clouded by opaqueness. For generations, mayors of New York have been open to questions on all subjects. The 300+ members New York Press Club object to Mayor de Blasio’s current policy, and ask that the Mayor reverse it in the interests of having an open – and truly transparent – administration.