Cincinnati Sports Reporter Taking Mental Health Break

By Kevin Eck 

WLWT sports reporter Brandon Saho announced he’s taking a break to focus on his mental health.

“Personal update: I am taking a break from sports reporting to focus on my mental health,” Saho posted to Twitter. “I’ve battled depression for 15 years. These last 3 months have been the hardest. But I finally want to make a big change and be happy with myself. I’m ready to beat this thing. And I will!”

Cincinnati media writer John Kiesewetter said Saho is the second local newser to take a break recently to focus on their mental health. In October, WCPO reporter Jake Ryle took off most of the month for anxiety and persistent depressive disorder.


Kiesewetter said Saho “declined to talk after his Twitter announcement Sunday went viral.”

“To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed and want to focus on my mental health right now,” he told Kiesewetter. “But I would be open to talking down the road closer to when I come back to work. Hope you understand.”

WLWT has only two sports reporters–Saho and George Vogel, the main sports anchor and sports director. With Saho absent from Sunday night newscasts, news anchors Courtis Fuller and Molly Lair read sports stories about the NCAA basketball tournament games and the Reds’ Cactus League play at the end of the newscast.

“I’m not sure what the plan will be,” said Vogel. “The hope is Brandon is not gone long.”