Chris Wragge on His Return to WCBS: ‘I Wouldn’t Have Agreed To It If I Didn’t Want To Do It’

By Merrill Knox 

As we told you this morning, CBS anchor Chris Wragge is headed back to local television after just a short hiatus from WCBS. Our sister site, TVNewser, talked to “The Early Show” anchor about national news, local news and his ability to straddle the line between the two:

TVNewser: How do you feel about this?

Wragge: Oh my God. Amazing. The added workload is going to be great. (laughs) Look I wouldn’t have agreed to it if I didn’t want to do it. These guys (at “The Early Show”) are my family now, but I also had a great family in local, with (WCBS execs) Peter Dunn and David Friend. The opportunity presented itself. I’m doing the 6 so it’s a little bit easier than before when I was doing the 5 and staying to do the 11.


TVNewser: How did it come about and when?

Wragge: Within the last couple of weeks. We opened the door. It was presented as a matter of the network guys allowing me to do it and allowing me to fit it in. If I do well over there it will help the “Evening News.” (WCBS at 6pm is the lead-in for the Scott Pelley national broadcast) It’s not like I’m going to another network. They left the ball in my court and said, ‘If you can do it, okay.’

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