WTKR Rips WAVY Reporter on Facebook: ‘This Guy Gives All Reporters a Bad Name’

By Andrew Gauthier 

WTKR took to its Facebook page on Wednesday to criticize the “arrogance” of Andy Fox, a popular reporter with rival station WAVY.

Fox, who HamptonRoads.com calls “the most boisterous reporter in the region,” has been investigating safety issues surrounding Norfolk’s new light rail system this week. And, according to WTKR, he committed “a major no-no on the light rail tracks while reporting on people committing major no-no’s on the light rail tracks.”

The CBS-affiliate posted a photo (above, right) of Fox, microphone in hand, standing in the middle of the light rail tracks–the same place where a number of crashes have occurred as local residents ignored signs imploring them to stay off the tracks.

“This guy gives all reporters a bad name when he acts like the rules don’t apply to him,” WTKR wrote on Facebook about the photo. “Tell his bosses that arrogance is not OK with you. Vote with your remote at 5 o’clock.”

Here’s Fox reporting on the light rail line’s safety issues this week…

So far, the reaction on Facebook to WTKR’s post has been mixed, with some users defending Fox (“Don’t hate the man because he is willing to do the leg work that comes with the job!”), others celebrating his boisterous reputation (“Andy Fox can do what he wants!!! lol”), and many criticizing WTKR.  Wrote one user:

Regardless of the man’s actions, you’ve joined his presumed “arrogance” as you’ve made this post. I love this station, but you all are not exactly maintaining your own standards of quality news with this post. This vote with your remote tactic is distasteful and a bit desperate.

Fox has not yet responded to TVSpy’s requests for comment.  In the meantime, here’s another one of his light rail reports…

[h/t HamptonRoads.com]

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