Chicago Stations Work Fast to Cover Cubs Victory Parade

By Kevin Eck 

Chicago’s local stations had to scramble to put together coverage of the Cubs victory parade after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the parade would take place this morning, just two days after the Cubs won the series..

Despite not knowing details until yesterday afternoon, the stations started their parade broadcasts at 9 with team coverage along the parade route.

Tribune-owned WGN started with Robin Baumgarten, Larry Potash and Paul Konrad in studio until 10. Potash and Baumgarten tossed to Mark Suppelsa and Micah Materre anchoring the parade in Grant Park.


CBS-owned WBBM had sports anchors Megan Mawicke and Ryan Baker along with anchors Rob Johnson and Irika Sargent on director’s chairs in Grant Park.

Fox-owned WFLD extended Good Day Chicago with Darlene Hill and Corey McPherrin atop a Wrigleyville rooftop near the parade start.

ABC-owned WLS kept anchors Alan Krashesky and Kathy Brock in studio with a team of reporters scattered around the parade route.

NBC-owned WMAQ also kept its anchors in studio. Rob Stafford was joined by Allison Rosati and Siafa Lewis.

From WGN:

According to the Mayor’s Press Office, the procession will leave Wrigley Field at approximately 10am CT, and will travel briefly through Wrigleyville. After traversing downtown, the official parade route will commence at 11am on Michigan Avenue between Oak Street and Ohio Street, and then along Columbus Drive between Monroe Street and Balbo Avenue. A celebration rally will take place at Lower Hutchinson Field in Grant Park at approximately noon, when the motorcade arrives in Grant Park.