CBS Colorado Anchors Wear Purple in Support of Co-Anchor’s Sister’s Brain Surgery

By Kevin Eck 

CBS Colorado anchors wore purple yesterday in support of weekend anchor and reporter Kelly Werthmann’s sister.

Her sister, Abby, who has epilepsy, had brain surgery earlier in the day. Purple is Abby’s favorite color.

Werthmann let viewers know on social media that the six-hour surgery was successful and that the neurosurgeon said it went well.


Mekialaya White, Michael Spencer and Lauren Whitney

“It’ll still be another hour or so before our family can see her… but we are all SO VERY grateful for everyone’s kindness, prayers & support!,” she wrote. “Abby is a warrior!”

In a previous tweet, Werthmann shared that her sister mentors kids in her community who have epilepsy, is involved with the Epilepsy Foundation and added, She even advocated on Capitol Hill earlier this year for more funding for epilepsy programs & research.”

Werthmann also said she would be off the air for awhile to help support her sister.