Canadian Traffic Reporter Goes Viral After Responding to Viewer’s Critique of Her Appearance

By Kevin Eck 

Canadian traffic reporter Leslie Horton has gone viral after responding to a viewer’s email criticizing her appearance.

Horton was doing her traffic report when she read an email from a viewer congratulating her on her pregnancy and saying she was wearing “old bus driver pants.”

“I’m just going to respond to an email that I just got saying, ‘Congratulations on your pregnancy,” Horton said on-air. “If you’re gonna wear old bus driver pants then you have to expect emails like this.”


“So thanks for that,” she began. “Um, no, I’m not pregnant. I actually lost my uterus to cancer last year. And um, this is what women of my age look like.”

The moment went viral after TikToker @Sarantium posted the video online.

Her employer, Global News also posted a clip of her response on X in support.