Boyfriend of Murdered Reporter May Run for Congress

By Kevin Eck 

Chris Hurst has met with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to explore a possible run for Congress, reports Fox News.

Hurst is an anchor at WDBJ in Roanoke, Va. His girlfriend Alison Parker and station photographer Adam Ward were murdered while reporting live on-air for the Roanoke CBS-affiliate.

Fox News is told Hurst has since spoken with Democratic officials and lawmakers about a possible run for Congress. The DCCC, the group with which he met, is the national organization charged with electing Democrats to the House.

At present, this is in a very preliminary stage. Fox News is told the DCCC is not actively recruiting Hurst and that despite the discussions, Hurst is not expected to run for the seat — though nothing is final.

The House seat in the Roanoke area is currently held by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte. Going up against the powerful Republican would be an uphill climb. Goodlatte garnered 66 percent of the vote in this very GOP district in 2014 and has never dipped below 60 percent since his first election in 1992. President Obama scored just over 40 percent of the vote in this district in 2012.