Michigan Reporter Settles Lawsuit With Station

By Kevin Eck 

Leslie Toldo has settled her lawsuit with Flint, Michigan ABC affiliate WJRT.

MLive reports Toldo’s lawyer Tom Pabst said the lawsuit was settled for $79,900 almost a month before it went to trial.

The lawsuit was filed in July 2014 after Pabst claimed Toldo, a white woman, was disciplined during her tenure at the station for similar activities that Pabst said male and black employees did without reprisal.

Pabst said Toldo was punished for showing up a few minutes late to meetings while other employees could arrive late without being disciplined. She was also admonished for dresses she chose to wear while working, Pabst said.

“In the workplace, certain things aren’t supposed to be a factor,” Pabst said.

Pabst said the station notified Toldo her contract would not be renewed when it expired in July and that she was escorted out of the building by security. Other station employees who were told their contract would not be renewed were allowed to continue working until the end of their current contract, Pabst claimed.

Toldo announced her dismissal from the station in May 2014 via her Facebook page. She now works at WEYI in Clio, Michigan as a meteorologist.