Boston’s WFXT Looks Inward to Fix Ailing Newscast

By Andrew Gauthier 

Boston Globe

During a recent 10 p.m. newscast on WFXT-TV (Channel 25), the topic was whether the fictional family in the animated series “The Simpsons” is a positive Catholic role model. And on another recent night, anchors and a local high school athletic director discussed the pros and cons of parents who pay for their children to play in leagues. And then there was the four-legged special studio guest: a 4-foot alligator that had been found in the Charles River.

Evening TV newscasts do not typically devote a lot of time to such topics, but WFXT is looking for ways to attract more viewers and fill more on-air time. But that’s difficult to do after Fox 25 lost several dozen employees during the economic downturn. More…