KCBS Video Leads to Pentagon Head-Scratching

By Andrew Gauthier 


On Monday evening, LA’s KCBS captured an eery video of an object streaking across the evening sky, leaving viewers and government officials questioning exactly what the footage shows.

The video was taken by KCBS photojournalist Gil Leyvas from his perch in the station’s Sky2 helicopter and shows a large plume of smoke rising into the sky. “It was unique. It was moving,” Leyvas told CBS News. “It was growing in the sky.”

Many viewers thought that the streaking smoke was evidence of a missile launch and Pentagon officials scrambled to investigate what had caused the strange occurrence. As of Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said that no one within the Department of Defense could explain the airborne ridge of smoke.

While pundits and conspiracy theorists continue to float out theories about what happened, the prevailing theory is that the KCBS video is of a jet taking off from a nearby airport and that an optical illusion is to blame for the image’s missile-like qualities.