Boston Photographer Says Covering the Red Sox Saved His Life

By Kevin Eck 

WBZ photographer Phil Vaughn had a special reason to celebrate baseball’s opening weekend this year. He says he owes his life to the Boston Red Sox.

Vaughn (pictured on the right) says the team’s medical staff jumped into action last year when Vaughn suddenly had a heart attack while filming the team’s workouts on July 4.

“I was actually dead for 15 seconds. But I’m back. I actually owe my life to the Red Sox,” Vaughn said. “My cardiologist said it’s a miracle I survived a ‘widow maker’ heart attack. Only about 4-5% of people survive it. Everything worked out that day. It was amazing that I’m alive, and again I owe it to the Red Sox.”


Vaughn returned to Fenway Park to cover opening weekend, which he says has been an “amazing experience.”

Watch the station’s segment on Vaughn’s story below.