AWOL Marine Who Talked to Detroit Reporter Now in Custody

By Kevin Eck 

Yesterday, a Marine, possibly armed with an AK-47 and wanted by police for threatening his ex-wife and going AWOL, contacted WXYZ reporter Jonathan Carlson to tell him the allegations against him weren’t true.

Authorities said Clenard Gee Simmons’ escape from a “lock down” at Camp Lejeuene in North Carolina, where he was held after threatening to go to Michigan to kill his estranged wife, set off a manhunt on the east coast and the Midwest. The military also said he might be armed with an AK-47.

“I’m not gonna tell you where I’m at right now. I am contacting you, because you said I was AWOL and trying to kill my ex-wife. That is not accurate at all,” Gee Simmons told Carlson by phone.


WXYZ reports Gee Simmons was taken into custody today.

He told Carlson his trouble started when he posted “Has someone ever made you so mad, that you feel like wiping out them and their whole entire family” on his facebook page.

He told Carlson he wasn’t armed and the military took his facebook post the wrong way.