Arizona Anchor Criticized for Posting Controversial Covid-19 Video

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Phoenix anchor Kari Lake is getting heat for posting, then reposting, a controversial, debunked video of two Bakersfield, Calif., doctors who made dubious claims about Covid-19 while encouraging officials to lift the stay-at-home orders.

The Fox 10 anchor first posted a tweet that said this:

“One of the most HONEST COVID-19 briefings I’ve seen to date. This front-line doc says we are WEAKENING our immune systems by staying in. Dr. Dan Erickson discusses real data w/no political filter. Watch to very end,” she wrote.


The video—which was criticized and condemned by public health officials—was eventually pulled from YouTube. When it happened, Lake posted another link in the thread with a new link to Facebook where the video could still be viewed.

“It is no longer on Youtube, but is on FB.”

“What is Kari Lake thinking?” asked the Arizona Republic, which reported on her actions.

Lake, who has found herself under fire in the past for discussing politics on social media and when her mic was hot during a studio shoot, has been anchoring from home during the pandemic.