Anchor’s Joke Panned by Priest, Politician

By Mark Joyella 

130301114946_MaryAlice DemlerTalk about a tough crowd. According to a report in The Buffalo News, a recent turn as emcee at a community event by Maryalice Demler, anchor at Buffalo NBC affiliate WGRZ, turned a tad cringeworthy.

Mark Poloncarz, the county executive, posted a bad review of Demler’s attempt at light humor:

A certain news anchor was asked to emcee the event and started off the program with this beaut: “If you don’t know who I am you are obviously watching the wrong station.”

“Not a single laugh,” added Poloncarz. “Instead you could hear a pin drop, until the priest next to me said, ‘that’s why I don’t watch that channel – they are more interested in themselves than reporting the news.’”

“From the mouth of a man of God,” concluded Poloncarz.