Morning Anchor Who Quit Phoenix Station Celebrates End to ‘Professional Toxicity’

By Kevin Eck 

Morning anchor Ryan Cody‘s social media post announcing his departure from Phoenix, Az. NBC affiliate KPNX made it sound like the move was good for his mental health.

In a Facebook post, Cody equated his decision to a messy breakup and inferred that his job as an anchor was toxic. His only regret, he added, is not being able to say goodbye on-air.

“I’ve written and deleted these words many times over the last few days, and still nothing feels adequate,” said Cody. “The bottom line is I made this decision myself. I took control of my future and ended the professional toxicity which was bleeding into every aspect of my life. The details are messy and breakups are hard, but I am GRATEFUL! It’s been the privilege of a lifetime to tell your stories!”


Cody went on to say he can now heal mentally and do what is best for himself “without worrying what a select few people think about it,” he said. “It’s time to take back control!”

In an interview with HMA public relations in 2020, Cody said he took a similar “leap of faith” in 2016 by quitting his job at WHNT in Huntsville, Ala. to follow his then-girlfriend (now his wife) to Arizona, where he worked as a baker before being hired at KPNX.