Amanda Goodman Joins KWWL From WNCT

By Merrill Knox 

Amanda Goodman is joining KWWL, the NBC affiliate in Waterloo, as co-anchor of the evening newscasts.

Goodman comes from Greenville, N.C., where she co-anchors the evening newscasts at CBS affiliate WNCT. She replaces Tara Thomas, who is leaving KWWL for a job with the local school district.

“It’s not an easy position to fill,” KWWL news director Dan Schillinger said in a statement. “But Amanda has the skills and the qualities we look for in a lead anchor. Her style and stories fit well with what we do here.”


Goodman begins at KWWL on July 8 and will anchor the evening newscasts beginning July 31. The official announcement from KWWL is after the jump.

WATERLOO (KWWL) — Amanda Goodman will join Ron Steele next month as co-anchor of the KWWL News at Five, Six and Ten.

A native of Pennsylvania, Goodman has worked as a reporter and anchor for more than 10 years at stations in Texas and North Carolina. She also served as a journalism instructor at West Texas A&M University.

As an anchor and mother, Amanda is very much in tune with issues facing both parents and children. Her AnchorMOM blog, along with numerous stories she has produced over the past few years, focused on important matters for both groups.

Goodman’s most significant effort has been “The Bully Project,” a social media- fueled initiative that gave voice to the victims, and held accountable those responsible.

“Giving kids who are bullied a voice is the number one priority for me,” Goodman said. “No child should ever be afraid to ride a school bus, go to school or go out on the playground.”

Goodman looks forward to bringing her passion for news to the Midwest. “I’m incredibly excited to come to Eastern Iowa and be a part of a station and region with such rich history,” said Goodman. “I have been nothing but impressed by the quality and caliber of the people in this organization.”

“It’s not an easy position to fill,” said Dan Schillinger, KWWL News Director. “But Amanda has the skills and the qualities we look for in a lead anchor. Her style and stories fit well with what we do here.”

A mother of two, Amanda and her husband enjoy spending their free time playing sports in the backyard and coming together on Sunday for special family meals. An avid football fan, Goodman closely follows Notre Dame and the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Both of my children were baptized wearing Fighting Irish booties,” she said. “I look forward to having debates with Mark Schnackenberg about his Steelers.”

“Amanda is an excellent fit for our viewers.” Said Jim McKernan, V.P. and General Manager at KWWL. “She has a solid journalistic background and a level of dedication to causes that matter to so many in our viewing area.”

“As a mom, I have a “vision” of the ideal place my children would grow up in,” Goodman added. “I never truly thought it existed until coming to Eastern Iowa. The moment I stepped off the plane, it felt like home.”

Goodman begins at KWWL on July 8, and will take her place on the anchor desk on July 31.