“Your Site Is Being Watched”

By Brian 

The media bias wars comes to TVNewser! After the jump, read one person’s anonymous message to this blog, complete with a warning about the creation of a “TVNewser watchdog site” to combat “liberal tendencies.”

This is the full message, with my comments in italics.

“You quote from Reliable Sources, but don’t quote from the higher-rated Fox News Watch.”

CNN.com publishes transcripts faster than FOXNews.com.

” You post positive articles with bold headlines for Olbermann, you post some negative articles about him buried in the ticker.”

If it’s related to the O’Reilly/Olbermann spat, I usually give it a separate post, because readers can’t seem to get enough of it.

“You don’t post anything about O’Reilly unless it’s negative.”

Send me something positive.

“You frequently post Media Matters propaganda and just recently started posting limited Media Research Center content.”

I’m confused — Media Matters is “propaganda” and MRC is “content?”

“Your site is being watched, and your liberal tendencies have been noted.”

Oh, I get it. This is “intimidation.”

“Expect a TVNewser watchdog website to launch soon if you do not show more of a commitment to fairness.”

No offense, but does anyone really want to read a “TVNewser watchdog website?”