Couric Watch: The Risks

By Brian 

In today’s Times, David Carr tries to figure out why Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News would be a good match:

“For Ms. Couric, the CBS anchor post would mean better hours, less money (probably) and a heap more gravitas. In return, CBS would procure the services of a television pro, a longtime crowd favorite — Ms. Couric’s middle name seems to be ‘perky’ in news accounts — and a huge burst of publicity.

The risks, however, would be substantial. The route to the anchor chair generally travels through a series of foreign and political assignments, weekend tryouts and then, finally, when someone dies or falters, a shot at the bigs. Ms. Couric has usually been the one to get the interview with the president’s wife, not the president, and the only war zone she has reported from is the long-running one among the morning shows.”