With CNN Expansion, Comes Job “Redefinement”

By Chris Ariens 

Yesterday CNN announced it was expanding its domestic presence by opening bureaus in 10 U.S. cities. The press release called it a doubling of U.S. newsgathering. But when a 28-year-old company expands you can bet there will be changes to existing personnel too. And that is the case with CNN.

TVNewser has learned that after the announcement of the new bureaus and soon to be added “all-platform journalists,” nine CNN staffers were told their jobs were going to be redefined. We’re told the staffers are not being laid off, but being offered positions in the new structure.

The staffers work in cities including Chicago, San Francisco and Miami. As NPR’s David Folkenflik reported this morning, “let’s be clear [CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein] is only really talking about adding a handful of new staffers. Others will be redeployed in less-covered places like Columbus, Ohio, Orlando and Seattle.”

A CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser, “CNN is in the enviable position of expanding its newsgathering efforts and as a result of yesterday’s move, headcount will actually increase. There will likely be some repositioning of a handful of staff as we broaden our coverage and as we work towards the next generation of newsgathering.”

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