In With the Old, Out With the Blue

By Chris Ariens 

The NYPost’s Michael Starr writes about the new page uniforms at NBC. “The network’s iconic, blazer-clad workers — immortalized by Kenneth Parcell, the cheerful page on NBC sitcom ’30 Rock’ — are proudly wearing chic new uniforms for the first time in over 10 years,” Starr writes.

And these aren’t just any old duds. The blue blazer has been replaced by a Brooks Brothers Grey Plaid design. Classic, like something out of Mad Men. The design was chosen by Today show viewers in a contest this Spring and in honor of the page program’s 75 anniversary. They started wearing them last Friday. Former page Ted Koppel, who says he and his brethren “looked like little admirals,” approves.

Now, we would have assigned this story to our resident expert SteveK, but he’s taking a few well-deserved days off. As for the new look, page manager Karissa Hoffman tells the Post, “When people feel confident with their appearance, they deliver content more confidently to their audience.”


Which is weird, because that’s exactly what we say about Steve’s work around here.

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