Wilma: Morning Show Highlights

By Brian 

(Above: MSNBC.com’s beautiful 2am cover image.)

> NBC’s Al Roker in Naples: “It’s dark, it’s wet, it’s windy, and I’ll tell ya, it’s pretty amazing right now.”

> CNN’s Jason Carroll aboard Hurricane One: “The wind is roaring through here…It’s truly incredible, because it rocks the car, even if you inch along. We’re not moving that fast.”

> FNC’s Steve Harrigan, Lake Everglade: “This hotel, we figured, was the sturdiest building in town, and it’s wiped out.”

> ABC’s Charlie Gibson: “It may be some time before we know the effect this storm has had on the Everglades.”

> CNBC senior correspondent Scott Cohn via phone from Naples: “Maybe it’s a Murphy’s Law or something like that, that right when we want to show a live picture, we get hit with these gusty winds…”